Child and Youth English兒少英語

As pioneer in language teaching, TLI and the experts in our research team and English teachers fully comprehend the educational needs of young learners, which is why TLI’s reading program for younger learners could stimulate their comprehension and creativity and improve their language ability.

2014 Summer camp

Core learning ideologies developed by TLI research team with 60 years of teaching experience:

  • 1
    Cultivate English ability through reading a wide range of materials
  • 2
    Accumulation of vocabularies
  • 3
    Positive attitude in language learning
  • 4
    Read, write, and discuss
  • 5
    Engage in popular novels and stories

TLI also promotes full-English teaching, conversation, and natural reading methods, where students acquire language ability naturally through reading, writing, discussing, and engaging in games and activities pertinent to popular novels and stories, which make these courses interesting, inspiring, and suitable for their educational needs.