Cooperation Program企業合作方案

On-Site Corporate Lessons

[ Content ] Tailored to each company’s needs, we assess student levels, provide the most suitable lessons, and assign dedicated instructors to each company.

[ Course Highlights ] Course counselors will develop objectives, track learning progress, administer level advancement exams, and give progress reports. Each company can save transportation cost and monitor its employees’ progress and attendance.

[ Class Location ] On-site location

Corporate Program

[ Content ] Plan and customize the entire course including materials and lessons according to each company’s industry, language used, and employee language level.

[ Course Highlights ] Tailored for each company according to profession, level, and needs, the course include specialized lessons, materials, and teaching methods and provide English lessons designed to match different company backgrounds including trading, marketing, purchasing, construction, finance and accounting, banking, medical practice, media, arts, and other areas, and focuses on practical usage, through practicing listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, to help students become a versatile international elite.

[ Class Location ] On-site location

Special Deal for corporate

[ Content ] After announcement within each company, employees are welcome to come to our institute and sign up for classes and enjoy a 10% discount upon showing their employee ID or name card.

[ Course Highlights ] Employees can choose their own lessons most suitable for them to maximize effective self-learning process, and this can also cut down on the cost of HR management.

[ Location ] TLI