Corporate Courses企業熱門課程

Customized Course Package

[ Learning Objectives ] Flexible classes, plan professional course tailored to you.
[ Content ] Complement company educational needs, areas employees need to improve, set goals, plan course progress, instructed by professional foreign teachers.

General English

[ Learning Objectives ] Comprehensive buildup in listening, speaking, reading, and writing
[ Content ] With daily English conversation as core, learn and use English through interactive teaching in different situations and topics, starting with verbal expressions and listening practices and gradually advance towards capability in reading short passages and writing short paragraphs.

Other Foreign Language Classes

[ Learning Objectives ] French, Spanish, Germany, and Korean classes.
[ Content ] Develop second-language ability, instructed by native speaking teachers, learn the language and the country’s lifestyle and culture.

Private Lessons for Managers

[ Learning Objectives ] Focus on further improving mid-top managers.
[ Content ] Focus on mandatory English skills mid-top managers require, focus in professional English communication skills that are required to analyze and solve the issues that may arise when dealing with foreign top managements, conversation practices can enhance.

English / Japanese Certificate Class

[ Learning Objectives ] Obtain English / Japanese certificates.
[ Content ] Many corporations ask employees to have an English ability equivalent to GEPT Intermediate (TOEIC 550), focused on various types of examinations.

Business English

[ Learning Objectives ] Enhance language ability, help to become more competitive
[ Content ] Primarily focus on 6 emphasis including business email, telephone, meeting, presentation, negotiating, and socializing to create international elites.

Japanese Class

[ Learning Objectives ] Basic Phonics Class, Advanced Conversation Class.
[ Content ] Use Everyone’s Japanese series books, starting with 50 sounds table, then elementary, intermediate, and advanced conversation, to Japanese for travel.