Golden Ages流金歲月






  • 1964, Late president Chiang Ching Kuo, meets with TLI’s foreign student’s to discuss their language training progress. President Chiang, took a few moments to test the students on their Chinese knowledge and explained the Chinese culture to them.

  • [1963] TLI advisors visited TLI Taipei in 1963 to establish school operations.

  • [1963] In December of 1963, TLI faculty gathers at in front of the first TLI institute in Taipei.

  • [1966] TLI 10th anniversary.

  • [1967] Summer of 1967, TLI moved to its new location on the 3rd Floor of Zhong Xiao Building.

  • [1967] Famous writer, Dr. Lin Yu Tang visits TLI in 1967 to present a speech.

  • [1967] TLI celebrated 11th Anniversary in 1967.

  • [1967] Dr. Ho establishes the Chinese Research department at Delhi University in India. TLI colleagues give him a warm welcome as he arrives to Song San Airport.

  • [1976] TLI 20th anniversary.