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OCT 23

[北京校] TLI60年生生不息

Summer 1962: students from Thayer Academy, Massachusetts, came to TLI to study Chinese. Taipei City Mayor Henry Kao Yu-shu gave them a warm welcome.
Summer 1966: China Youth Corps Chairman, Chiang Ching-kuo, discussed the idea of an “Overseas Chinese Youth Returning for Studies” group with Dr. Marvin Ho.
3.1969年 TLI錄製「中國語文」教學片24輯於美國舊金山海華電視台全年撥出,為世界中文電視教學創舉。
In 1969: TLI recorded 24 episodes of “Chinese language” educational videos, broadcasted on Overseas Chinese Communication Channels throughout the year, a first in televised Chinese lessons.
In 1980: the “National Council of Associations of Chinese Language Schools” team, consisting of about 30 people, came to visit the founder of TLI.
President Ma Ying-jeou with the TLI dragon boat team.
Summer 1991: President of the People’s Republic of China, Yang Shangkun, spoke with Dr. Marvin Ho in Beidaihe District.
Vice President Wu Den-yi attended the opening gala of TLI’s Kaohsiung branch.
In 1994: TLI hosted the “Cross-strait Conference on the Official Chinese Language and Characters” at The Grand Hotel Taipei. Three hundred representatives and participants attended.
In 2014: TLI and Beijing Language and Culture University co-hosted the “Chinese International Education Cross-Strait Teachers’ Seminar”. President Gloria Chu is seen here with the thesis instructors.
In 2015: TLI President Ms. Chu hosts the “International Beijing Opera Art Festival” in Jinan, China. One hundred participating actors came from the US, Canada, Taiwan and China, and put on three shows from October 9-11 to a full house and great applause.